#TrainersConnect Workshop

January 25, 2019
aSweatLife, Workshop; Chicago, IL
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Max Goodman and Beverly Alfon lead the discussion at aSweatLife's 2020 kick off workshop! This #TrainersConnect workshop is the “nitty gritty” edition for a reason: answering all the burning questions about starting your own business. Whether you’re looking to branch out on your own, launch an entirely new business, or just want more information about the nitty gritty detail that goes into being an entrepreneur, this #TrainersConnect workshop is for you.

Max and Beverly go in depth on ALL the info you could possibly need to know including answering any questions you may have on LLCs, contracts, liability waivers, and anything else you might be wondering.

A recap of the full workshop discussion can be found here.