Guidance on Balancing the Reasonable Accommodation Process and the ADA/FMLA/Workers’ Compensation Overlap

December 7, 2016
Clear Law Institute; Webinar


3:00 pm – 4:15 pm ET

Employers are obligated to redirect their ADA compliance on the reasonable accommodation process under the ADA. Heather Bailey will cover pertinent topics as part of this Clear Law Institute webinar including:

  • How employers must broadly construe the term “disability”
  • How employers must focus not on the condition but rather on how they can accommodate the condition and allow the employee to work
  • How to handle common accommodation scenarios, such as working from home or on medical leave
  • How to determine whether a specific request must be accommodated or when it can be considered an undue hardship
  • How to handle common issues that arise involving the overlap of the ADA, the FMLA and workers’ compensation laws