Trial Evaluation Committee


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When litigation is unavoidable, SmithAmundsen taps into the experience of its more than 100 litigators to form our Trial Evaluation Committee.

In essence an in-house legal focus group, the Trial Evaluation Committee is assembled regularly to roundtable upcoming trials as presented by lead counsel. The committee conducts an independent evaluation and provides insight and suggestions for discovery issues, expert disclosures, settlement value, verdict value, liability exposure, contributory negligence and general trial strategy. Lead counsel typically share the Trial Evaluation Committee feedback with their clients and use it to hone and refine their settlement and trial strategy.

As part of our mission to mentor and educate younger attorneys, the Trial Evaluation Committee welcomes the participation of each of our litigators from first years to senior counsel.

The Trial Evaluation Committee is chaired by senior litigators Thomas Lyman and Alan Farkas

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