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SmithAmundsen was built on a defense litigation foundation more than 25 years ago. Our litigators have tried thousands of cases across the country rigorously defending insureds on behalf of insurance carriers and self-insured entities against catastrophic personal injury and property damage claims. We are a team of skilled litigators who are also skilled in the art of negotiation and dispute resolution. We understand that each case is a business decision.  We will guide you every step of the way, through the investigation, information gathering and litigation process, and including how to preserve and protect sensitive and necessary information.

We represent our clients in private or commercial settings in construction accidents, vehicular impacts, premises liability suits, common carrier claims, trucking and transportation matters, fraud claims, defamation suits and other tort matters. We also handle third party employer liability claims in the construction setting, contract claims, dram shop matters and UIM cases.

We know how to budget, strategize and staff matters so cases are handled effectively and efficiently. We keep our clients informed and keep the budget top of mind every step of the way. We utilize the latest technology to manage large document intensive cases and create innovative courtroom presentations. When handling the sensitive information that inevitably gets uncovered during investigations, we take cyber security precautions to protect your information.

We work as your business partners throughout each matter. We understand the impact of litigation and know that it isn’t always the client’s preferred road to resolution. While our trial and appellate experience is extensive, we also find creative solutions through alternative dispute resolution.

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