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Title / Survey Examination and Review

  • All aspects of examination of title including grantor / grantee index searches
  • Torrens searches
  • Surveys – ALTA, IL/MO Minimum Standards, Topographic: option selection, review and analysis, certification
  • Resolve title issues appearing on surveys or plats

Title Insurance

  • Ordering of title insurance commitments and satisfaction of Schedule B-1 requirements
  • Examination of Schedule B-2 exceptions and negotiating and obtaining removal or waiver of exceptions to title
  • Prepare objection letters based upon preliminary title reports
  • Prepare closing instruction letters
  • Review final title policy when issued for proper form and endorsements
  • Negotiation and obtaining title insurance endorsements, including all ALTA endorsements
  • Prosecution and defense of claims

Sale Contracts

  • Negotiate and prepare Purchase/Sale Contracts
  • Negotiate contingencies and conditions to closing
  • Arrange and review due diligence, including survey, title, soil tests, inspection of improvements, environmental site assessments
  • Evaluate issues related to warranties
  • Examine and approve legal descriptions of the property and any easements
  • Prepare and review closing documents including deeds, financing documents, easements, tenant documents or leases, and closing statements
  • Coordinate closing and issuance of final title policies
  • Conduct and attend closings
  • Pursue closing or other remedies in the event of default

1031 Exchanges

  • Negotiate and prepare bilateral exchange agreements
  • Negotiate and prepare Starker Three Corner Exchange Agreements
  • Negotiate and prepare Reverse Three Corner Exchange Agreements
  • Prepare Escrow Agreements
  • Advise clients on suitability of exchange structure

Real Estate Tax

  • Advise clients on tax ramifications of acquisition structure
  • Advise clients on alternative entities for acquisition of property
  • Negotiate and litigate tax disputes
  • Prepare related organizational documentation
  • Assist clients with commercial real estate tax appeals


  • Advise, negotiate and prepare listing agreements, including open listings, exclusive agency agreements and exclusive right to sell agreements
  • Advise, negotiate and prepare Buyer’s Agency Agreements
  • Advise clients on statutory and regulatory requirements for real estate brokers and agents
  • Coordinate preparation of related employment agreements

Property Management / Owner’s Associations

  • Negotiate and prepare property management agreements
  • Form non-profit corporations or trust based owners associations, including obtaining EIN’s
  • Prepare contracts, leases, releases, or other documents related to management of HOA’s
  • Prepare documents related to development amenities and advice regarding issues related to amenities
  • Advise management regarding maintenance issues and disputes
  • Prepare governing documents including declarations or indentures, rules, and restrictions
  • Advise clients on owner’s association governance issues and interpretation of governing documents
  • Advise clients and conduct meetings for transfers of board control upon development conclusion
  • Advise clients regarding change of or additional builders or developers
  • Advise clients regarding elections and preparation of documents related to the holding of elections
  • Prepare and file liens, and enforcement actions to collect liens, including foreclosures
  • Prepare amendments for the purpose of updating or revising existing indentures, declarations, and restrictions
  • Advise and prepare documents related to special concerns of mixed use developments
  • Advise clients regarding compliance with applicable state, federal and local civil rights laws

Shopping Centers

  • Prepare and negotiate reciprocal easement agreements
  • Prepare and negotiate anchor lease agreements
  • Prepare, negotiate, and coordinate tenant leases
  • Advise clients regarding defaults and enforce/defend landlords and tenants in default situations
  • Oversee and review plat and survey preparation related to legal issues
  • Advise clients regarding compliance with applicable state, federal and local civil rights laws

Industrial / Cell Tower / Office / Warehouse Leases

  • Prepare and negotiate leases for landlords and tenants, including sub-tenants
  • Prepare environmental covenants / indemnity agreements
  • Prepare documents related to collection and maintenance of security deposits
  • Enforce leases including removal of tenants upon default
  • Cell tower agreements

Land Development

  • Negotiate and prepare annexation agreements
  • Represent clients in contesting involuntary annexations
  • Negotiate and prepare development agreements
  • Advise clients as to applicability of statutes and ordinances and possible agreements to obtain exceptions to same
  • Represent clients in subdivision proceedings before local governmental bodies, including re-subdivision within existing developments
  • Represent clients in zoning proceedings before local governmental bodies
  • Represent clients in variance proceedings before boards of adjustment and boards of zoning appeals
  • Negotiate and represent clients in public financing transactions
  • Negotiate, prepare and obtain easements of all kinds, including, ingress/egress, utility, cross access, reciprocal easements
  • Represent clients in site plan proceedings before local governmental bodies
  • Prepare declarations of covenants and rules
  • Work with engineers and surveyors regarding preparation of plat and other development drawings and coordinate submission
  • Advise clients regarding compliance with applicable state, federal and local civil rights laws
  • Work with engineers and surveyors to resolve environmental issues related to real estate development
  • Work with engineers and surveyors in connection with traffic studies and the impact of new development in a community including traffic concerns
  • Negotiate and draft builder agreements and subcontractor agreements
  • Negotiate and draft documents related to dedication of roads, including agreements with government entities and other parties
  • Hold meetings and initiate conversations with community members regarding the impact of developments to gain support for approval by governmental bodies

Real estate Litigation

Successful prosecution and defense of claims pertaining to:

  • Adverse Possession, Prescriptive Easements, and Avigation Easements
  • Boundary disputes
  • Brokers’ commissions
  • Condominium Associations
  • Contract disputes
  • Defects and misrepresentation
  • Easement disputes
  • Eminent domain
  • Foreclosures
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Lien priority disputes
  • Local code requirements
  • Mechanics liens
  • Nuisance
  • Partition
  • Pollution
  • Quiet Title (ownership disputes)
  • Rescission sales by or to trustees, receivers, assignees, and debtors in possession
  • Soundproofing
  • Specific performance trespass
  • Water and mineral rights
  • Wills and estates
  • Zoning