Chicago Sun Times Quotes Ryan Jacobson Regarding Pending Lawsuit Against a Chinatown Lounge

June 7, 2017
Ryan Jacobson
Chicago Sun Times


Ryan Jacobson was quoted in a recent news article in the Chicago Sun Times on a pending lawsuit against a Chinatown lounge, where a man is seeking more than $100K in damages.

According to the court documents filed in Cook County Circuit Court, a man who was shot last year at a Chinatown neighborhood lounge is suing the club’s owner and the business for negligence—claiming they are responsible for the incident when they allowed a person with a concealed gun into the lounge.

In a statement, Ryan describes the suit as an unpredictable occurrence, denying that any act or omission on the lounge’s part was a cause of this “unforeseeable incident.” He commented, “we expect the authorities will prosecute and punish the only person responsible for this senseless criminal act—the shooter.”

Read the full article, “Man Shot at Chinatown Lounge Suing Owners For More Than $100K” on the Chicago Sun Times' website.