SmithAmundsen Organizes “Planting and Gardening” Day in St. Louis for Epworth Children and Family Services

October 13, 2017

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On Saturday, October 7th the attorneys and staff of SmithAmundsen’s St. Louis office organized a special planting and garden event for Epworth Children and Family Services in an effort to support the St. Louis community youths and families.

The “planting party” was an amazing experience for the St. Louis community youth. Working alongside our group of volunteers, the kids not only learned important life skills, but they were also given the joy and satisfaction of contributing to their local community by making something beautiful that they can take pride in.

Attorneys and staff of the firm, Brad Goss, Patrick Sanders, Elizabeth Lum, Ashley Starks and Anna Banks, participated in the community event by planting and gardening, organizing and playing indoor and outdoor games for the kids, and grilling lunch for the youth and families.

The event demonstrates SmithAmunden’s contributions to equality as active and engaged members making a difference in our communities.