Appeal Panel Denies Defamation Suit -- Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Quotes Ryan Jacobson

August 22, 2019
Ryan Jacobson
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin


Ryan Jacobson was recently quoted in a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article titled, “Appeal panel denies lawyer’s defamation suit.” The article discusses the lost bid to revive a defamation lawsuit, in which McStephen Solomon accused Michael Hastings of making defamatory statements about him during a state senate campaign. “Despite more than two and  half years of litigation before appeal, Solomon took no depositions or produced any admissible document, testimony or affidavit to show that the Hastings campaign did anything unlawful,” Ryan said.

The full article, “Appeal panel denies lawyer’s defamation suit,” can be read in Volume 165, No. 157 of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.