LAGBAC Gets a New Leader -- Moses Suarez Featured in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

January 28, 2019
Moses Suarez
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin


Moses Suarez was recently featured in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin after he was sworn-in as president of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago (LAGBAC) on January 24, 2019. In the article Moses discusses his intention to focus on transgender rights during his tenure as president of LAGBAC. “If, as lawyers, we don’t stand up for others as we are supposed to, then what is the point of being a lawyer?” he said.

In the article Moses also discusses the legacy of his predecessor, Cook County Chief Judge Cecilia A. Horan, and the significance of being the first Latino president of LAGBAC.

The article can be read in full on the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin website.