Douglas Gallagher Featured in The Indiana Lawyer

June 20, 2017
Douglas Gallagher
The Indiana Lawyer


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In a decision likely to strengthen the Washington Redskins’ efforts to protect their trademarks, the Supreme Court’s ruling does not come as a “victory” to a high school in northern Indiana.

On June 19, 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government may not refuse to register potentially “offensive” or “harmful” names; a law denying protection to disparaging trademarks, the Court said, violated the First Amendment.

Douglas Gallagher was quoted in a news article for The Indiana Lawyer on the recent decision. For him, the Court’s decision was somewhat surprising. While he expected the outcome to be a more narrowly, tailored opinion, Doug was definitely not expecting the decision to turn out as broad as it did.

The ruling, Doug views, is consistent with the justices’ previous stances on the free speech clause. He remarks “it sends a strong message from the court that free speech is a fundamental right.”

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