Airsick: Flight Crews Venting in Court About Toxic Fumes - Bloomberg BNA Interviews Alan Farkas

June 29, 2017
Alan Farkas
Bloomberg BNA


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Toxic fumes on two recent commercial jetliner flights reportedly were so strong that the planes had to be emergency landed because of sickened crew members. These and other persistent reports of “fume events” contaminating cabin air on flights by major air carriers are raising questions about a ventilation system used in nearly every commercial airliner worldwide.

Alan Farkas gives his insight on this topic in a recent Bloomberg article, "Airsick: Flight Crews Venting in Court About Toxic Fumes."

"There’s really no evidence that cabin air is any different in what we might consider toxicity to what people are breathing day-in and day-out in the office environment, said Alan. He continues in the article, “when you look at the cases that have been filed so far, it doesn’t seem that they’ve really been able to muster evidence to address the lack of a causal connection.”

To read the full article, visit Bloomberg's website here.