Trademark Office Wants to Make It Easier to Cancel Registrations

August 9, 2017
Matthew J. Clark
The Indiana Lawyer


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Trademark practitioners will tell you the U.S. Trademark Office has a deadwood problem: the Trademark Office’s register is full of registrations for trademarks no longer in use (or in the case of some, never used) and no longer entitled to registration, often referred to as “deadwood registrations.” Fortunately, the Trademark Office has been listening and is developing strategies to help remove deadwood.­­

Matthew Clark recently published an article in The Indiana Lawyer, where he discusses the Trademark Office’s efforts to maintain a more accurate registry of active trademark registrations. The clear hope in proposing a new streamlined cancellation proceeding, Matthew states, is to incentivize applicants to cancel suspected deadwood registrations.  

Read the full article, “Trademark Office Wants to Make It Easier to Cancel Registrations,” on the Indiana Lawyer’s website here.