Tort Reform Improves Missouri’s Dire Bad-Faith Landscape . . . Somewhat

September 20, 2017
Patrick Bousquet
The Voice, DRI's weekly e-newsletter

A synergy of statutes, judicial rulings and other factors has propelled Missouri to the top of the list of dangerous jurisdictions for bad faith. This year, however, the Missouri General Assembly attempted to push back and enacted sweeping tort reform, which recently went into effect. 

According to Patrick Bousquet, the recent tort reform is a step in the right direction for Missouri—and may even improve the state’s dire “bad-faith landscape.”

Featured in this week’s The Voice, Patrick's article addresses the new Missouri House Bills 339 and 714 that went into effect on August 28, 2017. On the bright side, Patrick mentions, the requirements included in the new law will give Missouri insurers much more information that they historically received with time-limited demands, and much more time to investigate and respond. However, unfortunately, the new law is not without problems.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of the new law in curbing abuse will be settled by the courts, and history does not bode well for insurers. 

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