Panel tosses legal malpractice claim about $1.5M loss

November 8, 2016
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

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The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article titled, “Panel tosses legal malpractice claim about $1.5M loss,” features a case in which Michael Resis and Ellen Green were involved. In the case the state of appeals rejected a legal malpractice claim against an estate’s previous attorneys because the plaintiffs could not substantiate that the attorney’s actions caused $1.5 million in losses. Michael Resis and Ellen Green defended the estate’s attorneys. In 2007, the estate was awarded $3 million, but a Cook County jury said that only half of it was recoverable because 50 percent of it was the estate owner’s fault. The estate’s attorneys voluntarily withdrew the appeal, keeping the $1.5 million judgment in place. The plaintiffs, which consisted of the estate owner’s children, alleged that the estate’s attorney withdrew the appeal without consulting them.