Have You Seen My Factual Report?

Fall 2018
Alan Farkas
Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association Journal


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Many aviation lawyers have become accustomed to the big three National Transportation Safety Board aviation accident reports: Preliminary, Factual and Probable Cause Reports. The current accident “dashboard” replaced all three reports with a “Final Report.” Aviation lawyers are currently facing the unintended consequences of the Board’s modernization efforts, where they are forced to argue about the character of these reports in regard to civil litigation evidence. In an article titled, “Have You Seen My Factual Report,” featured in the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association Journal, Alan Farkas argues the importance of getting “stand-alone” factual reports back on the website.

The full article, "Have You Seen My Factual Report?" can be found in the Winter 2018-19 edition of the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association Journal.