Employee "Body Art" Dress Codes 101

Fall 2015
Heather Bailey
NAMA InTouch Magazine



In today's world, body art has become more prevalent in the work force, and operators struggle to decide what is and is not acceptable. When drafting an appearance policy, employers must be congnizant that some tattoos, piercings, and body adornments have cultural and religious roots, which means they are protected under the law.

Heather Bailey offers tips for operators to handle dress code policies such as: 

  1. Think about what you will tolerate; will tattoos and gauges be tolerated if they are covered?  
  2. Be ready to offer explanations for the reasoning behind any bans
  3. Is it effective to implement a policy across the entire workforce, or do different policies apply to different factions of the work force?
  4. If employees wear body art or piercings for religious purposes be prepared to let them know they will have to discuss their reasonings to the employer

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