Essential Consideration to Reduce Risk: A Data Breach Starter Kit

April 9, 2015
Colin Gainer
USLAW Magazine Spring/Summer 2015



A Data Breach Starter Kit

Target, Home Depot, and Sony are just some of the corporations that have made headlines in the recent past not for their services, but for their exposure to large data breaches. Even with continuing advances in data security, data breaches remain a serious risk to companies, and the large breaches continue to make headlines.

From human error to cyber terrorism, there is a broad area of data risk that companies must traverse in order to defend against data breaches. Unfortunately, the risk appears to be proportional to data usage, and data consumption is not slowing down. The Internet, mobile devices, and cloud-based data storage are just some examples of technology that have spread rapidly in the corporate world, and these technologies all carry inherent data breach risks.

Moreover, the government is well aware of the risks posed by data breaches, and it often looks to businesses to carry the burden of protecting data disclosed or obtained from individuals. A company’s failure to do so may not only result in regulatory action, it can also damage a company’s reputation.

Therefore, businesses need to implement data prevention plans, and they also need to be prepared to respond quickly to a data breach, if one occurs.

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