Workplace Violence - Preparing for, Addressing During and Managing Afterwards

April 18, 2019
Illinois Fox Valley SHRM; Elgin, IL



Having the skills and knowledge to prevent, minimize and address violence that occurs in the workplace is important for all employers and organizations.

During this special 2 hour presentation, Mike Wong and presenters from Team Fireball, Homeland Security will discuss different issues and scenarios of workplace violence. Topics that will be covered include:

  • How to properly conduct a threat assessment to reduce the risk of workplace violence and employment lawsuits
  • Tips and tricks for effectively terminating a problem employee while avoiding litigation (or, at least, diminishing risks)
  • Personal Safety Awareness: how to heighten your mental, physical and environmental awareness to reduce risk tolerance
  • How to recognize a threat before it becomes an issue
  • Hands-on learning of basic personal safety skills
  • Information regarding active shooter scenarios
  • How to address and manage the impact of an incident of workplace violence