Preventing Workplace Violence and Bullying and Associated Litigation

May 31, 2017
Illinois Chamber of Commerce; Glen Ellyn, IL


8:30AM - 12:30PM

Violence and bullying in the workplace should be a focus of HR departments as they are often in the news. Businesses need to provide a safe work environment, support their employees and handle their risk while keeping costs reasonable. Not only the victims are affected by stress and anxiety due to workplace intimidation, bullying and harassment; those events can affect an entire department, facility or organization.

Why? Because of the potential for lowered productivity, absenteeism and serious health risks. Making it through the legal minefields to avoid liability related to workplace violence in all forms is especially difficult.

Attendees to this interactive seminar, hosted by Michael Wong, will learn to identify and discuss critical legal issues early in the process. Attendees will receive sample policies and practice mechanisms to PROACTIVELY diminish the risks and liabilities associated with workplace violence.

Topics to be discussed: