Employee Handbook & Policies Update

September 27, 2018
Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Seminar; Glen Ellyn, IL


8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Like most employers, you most likely have an employee handbook, but how long has it been since you last reviewed and updated its contents? Are you certain your handbook complies with the current laws? Will your handbook stand up to the ever-increasing scrutiny by the DOL, EEOC or NLRB? Will your handbook cause you trouble in your next employee lawsuit?

Employment laws and regulations are continuously changing, which means that every few years, you need to open up that handbook and give it a proper evaluation.

During this Seminar, hosted by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Jeff Risch will guide you through effectively using an employee handbook and identify top employee handbook mistakes that could cost you. This seminar will cover key topics, such as: