Your Employee Asked to Work Remotely Indefinitely (or Short Term): Important Legal Considerations Before You Say Yes

June 23, 2021
SmithAmundsen, Webcast
Noon - 1:00 PM CT

A year ago we all became a remote workforce almost overnight. Now, while many offices are beginning to open, some employees are asking to remain working remotely. Before saying yes, be sure that you know the right questions to ask to avoid the many landmines that could accompany a continued, remote workforce or even future short-term remote work arrangements.

Join us on Wednesday, June 23 at noon CT as Molly Arranz, Meredith Murphy, Tom Pienkos, and Sara Zorich from our Data Security, Tax, IP, and Employment groups discuss several hypothetical remote work scenarios, lessons learned from the past year and how to troubleshoot potential issues including:

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