A New Era: Prejudgment Interest in Illinois 

June 16, 2021
SmithAmundsen, Webcast

Illinois Governor Pritzker recently signed into law a bill that allows a plaintiff to recover 6% per annum prejudgment interest in any personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit pending or filed in Illinois on or after July  1, 2021.

View our on-demand webcast, presented by Lew Bricker, Carmel Cosgrave, and Edna McLain, as they discuss the law and gain some valuable insight from two guest speakers -- Paul Janowicz at National Interstate Insurance Company and Darrell Flesner at Vanliner Insurance Company -- on what they think about the new law. 

You can also read our latest alert on this topic by Carmel Cosgrave here: Pre-Judgment Interest Law Takes Effect July 1, 2021