Performance Appraisals

September 15, 2016
Clear Law Institute, Webinar
3:00 PM - 4:15 PM ET

Performance evaluations can be stressful to both employees and employers, but they are an important part of the managerial process. Jon Hoag will cover a variety of topics in this webinar including:

  • Components of an effective performance appraisal
  • How to avoid legal issues while conducting evaluations
  • How to create a system for directing performance evaluations
  • What you can and cannot say to employees
  • How to use company missions and objectives as a guide for evaluations
  • How to give positive feedback and constructive criticism to employees
  • How to respond to employee frustrations with the evaluation
  • The appropriate language to use when correcting poor performance
  • Examples of performance appraisals that help bolster an organization and examples of ones that lead to legal issues.