Independent Contractor Classification: What to Do and Not Do

August 20, 2020
Lorman, Webcast


1:00 PM- 2:30 PM ET/ 12:00 PM CT- 1:30 PM CT

Engaging workers to perform services but who are not classified as direct employees presents many risks to employers. Local, state and federal government agencies are cracking down on employers in the area of Form 1099 independent contractors. Employers must not only recognize the legal risks and potential liabilities associated with engaging the services of such workers but need to be provided practical guidance and real-world tools in order to diminish these risks and liabilities.

Join Jeff Risch for this 90-minute webcast as he presents on how to review your own practices when engaging Form 1099 independent contractors and gain tips on how to better control and diminish related risks. Jeff will provide examples of actual legal battles from across the United States and attendees will leave with insight into what to be aware of and tips on how to protect their respective organizations.

Learning Objectives: