Final DOL Overtime Rules are Here! - What Employers Need to Know!

November 9, 2016
SmithAmundsen, Seminar; Chicago, IL


8:00 am - 10 am

The US Department of Labor issued its Final Rule increasing the minimum salary requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act and redefining exempt vs. non-exempt.  Are you ready for this new rule that is effective 12/1/2016?

Join the Horton Group for a lively program presented by Noah A. Frank to learn about:

  • The key provisions of the Final Rule
  • Which employees are affected and how
  • Which job positions must be reclassified as non-exempt
  • How to review handbooks and policies regarding exempt and non-exempt status
  • How to tighten up policies regarding working overtime
  • How to review and update policies and practices concerning “off the clock” time
  • How to review benefits applicable to exempt and non-exempt employees
  • And More!

Limited in-person registration is available for this engaging webinar.