Is This Really ‘Reasonable?’: A Guide to the Reasonable Accommodation Process and the ADA/FMLA/Workers’ Compensation Overlap

May 8, 2014
Chicago, IL; Webinar


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

With the amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Congress made it clear to employers that “disability” should be construed broadly and employers should focus not on the condition but rather on how they can accommodate the condition and allow the employee to work.

Employers are now required to refocus their ADA compliance efforts on the reasonable accommodation process under the ADA. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

This presentation, led by Heather Bailey will discuss what employers need to know about the reasonable accommodation process and why it is so important. Additionally, the presentation will focus on common accommodation scenarios, such as working from home or on medical leave, and discuss the circumstances in which these requests must be accommodated or when they can be considered an undue hardship. Finally, the program will explore some common issues that arise between the ADA, the FMLA and workers' compensation laws, and how not to fall into common loop holes.