Board Development: From Dating to a Happily Ever After

August 13, 2014
SmithAmundsen, Webinar


Not-for-profits will learn the tools to identify, recruit, and train board members

12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Not-for-profits rely on volunteers to help run their organizations. The board of directors helps develop the strategic vision and management of the organization. Selecting and training effective board members is imperative to the success and growth of the entity. The most well-intentioned but inactive members can paralyze an organization, and rogue board members can cripple it. Join us for a complimentary webinar where Julie Proscia will give not-for-profits the tools to identify, recruit, and train board members. These tools include:

This webinar is ideal for both not-for-profit staff, as well as any individual who serves on, or has aspirations to serve on a board, whether it is a Chamber of Commerce or an animal shelter. This webinar will teach the fundamental tools necessary to identify, recommend, obtain, and/or be an effective and engaged board member.