The Ticking Time Bomb: Payroll, Wage/Hour and Time Card Management

November 6, 2014
SmithAmundsen, Chicago, IL; Webinar

Our next installment of our quarterly labor and employment programs focuses on wage and hour issues

12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

With wage and hour audits and lawsuits on the rise, employers of all sizes and industries need to carefully review their pay practices and ensure they are paying their employees properly for all compensable work time. We are pleased to invite you to this complimentary presentation on the "in's and out's" of the most common wage and hour problems haunting all employers.

Jeffrey Risch, chair of our Labor & Employment Practice Group, will share his valuable insight and experience to help employers of all sizes and industries identify and prevent the most common wage and hour controversies, including:

This presentation will discuss what employers need to know about the most critical wage and hour compliance problems that lead to paralyzing liabilities. Participants will also receive proactive and very simple policy recommendations to better manage and prevent errors (and lawsuits) altogether. Whether you join in-person or via webinar, we promise to make the time worth your while.