Data Privacy: Obligations Under the Law and in Practice

July 23, 2020
2020 American Trucking Association Litigation Center Trucking Legal Forum, Webcast
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

American Trucking Association Litigation Center's 2020 Virtual Trucking Legal Forum will offer practical information and approaches to handling the most pressing legal and compliance issues facing fleet operations. This is a must-attend event not only for in-house and external transportation legal counsel, but also provides valuable insights to trucking executives, safety, risk and human resources professionals.

In an hour session, Lew Bricker and Molly Arranz will provide a real-world look at data privacy laws governing employees, contractors and customers, and what you can do to comply and avoid risk, litigation and fines. Knowing what needs to be protected and to what extent, and how it can and can’t be used, is critical to remaining compliant and litigation-free in this age of electronic information storage and exchange.