OSHA Issues New Training Handbook

September 23, 2015
Matt Horn
SmithAmundsen OSHA Legal Update


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Recently, OSHA issued a new training handbook, identifying and summarizing all training-related standards in all industries, in an effort to clarify and promote employee training programs.

In the handbook, OSHA makes it abundantly clear that it places significant emphasis and importance on employee training programs, and intends to investigate and evaluate those programs during its inspections.  One common theme through the handbook is that OSHA will not tolerate canned, ineffective training programs—namely, those that are not provided in a format and/or language commonly understood by the employees.

See the handbook here.

Going forward, employers should review the handbook, identify those training-related standards that apply to their operations, and ensure that their training programs satisfy the applicable standards and are being given to the employees in a format and language understood by the employees. The failure to do this will likely result in citations the next time OSHA comes knocking.