Why We Care About Your Title Insurance

August 22, 2013
Lisa Johnson
SmithAmundsen St. Louis Legal Update



What is so different about Real Estate Title Insurance? Unlike most other forms of insurance, which insure against events which may occur in the future, title insurance provides coverage for past events. A title company issuing an owner’s policy agrees that when you purchase property, you will have ownership without limitations other than those specifically described in the policy. The title company will, therefore, conduct a thorough search of public records to make sure that they describe your interest correctly and that any defects in title, liens, rights of others, or any other limitations on your ownership are listed in the policy.

Before a title policy is issued, usually after signing a sale contract, a title commitment is ordered. The commitment is in a form similar to the final title policy and is an agreement to issue a policy if your transaction closes and if certain requirements are met. The parts of a title commitment are the following:

Depending on the exception, it may or may not be acceptable to allow it to remain on your final policy. Your attorney will be able to advise you regarding the importance of each exception and can negotiate the removal of these exceptions from your title commitment before closing.

Your attorney will also make sure that your title company has agreed to provide any special endorsements on your final title policy. Endorsements expand or modify the coverage afforded in a title insurance policy. Examples are survey endorsements assuring the policy holder that the land is as shown on the plat and access endorsements assuring that the property has access. They may not always be needed, but depending upon your property and state of title, endorsements may be important.

After your closing, a title insurance policy will be issued based upon those items remaining in the title commitment and upon those events described in Schedule B-1 having occurred. After closing, the title company will conduct an updated search to the time of recording and will update the effective date of your policy to the time and date of that search. Your attorney will carefully review the title policy after it is issued to make sure that exceptions which the title company has agreed to remove do not appear on the final policy and that any endorsements are attached.

Title review allows resolution of issues first appearing in a commitment and proper transfer of title. We care about your title insurance because you should know exactly what you are purchasing when you close a real estate transaction.