Despite remarkable growth over the years, our core values and principles remain unwaivering.In order to best prepare our attorneys to serve clients and compete in a rapidly changing market, we provide substantial in-house training and professional development opportunities.

Our associate training program relies on the mentoring and experience of our senior attorneys. All junior associates take part in our two-year training program, focusing the first year on firm practices and substantive topics such as conflicts/ethics, file evaluation, motion practice, order writing and appellate practice. The second year of the program concentrates on building trial advocacy skills, eventually leading associates to participate in our in house Trial Academy.

The Trial Academy is designed to test associates’ skills, preparing them to be involved in all aspects of litigation. As the culmination of the two-year associate training program, the Trial Academy requires junior associates to argue motions in limine, select jurors, make opening statements, conduct direct and cross examinations of live witnesses and present closing arguments in a two day mock trial. During the Trial Academy the partners rule on judgments and offer guidance and instruction.

As attorneys progress in their careers, professional development is focused at the practice group level. Attorneys meet regularly with their practice groups to receive ongoing training in areas germane to the specific practice industry as well as best practices for the legal profession.

Our attorneys are business developers. They are supported in their efforts with training and coaching sessions and the ability to start cultivating clients and connections at every level of their career.

Our firm consists of more than 25 practice areas and offers attorneys opportunities for growth and development. We encourage you to submit a resume if you are looking to work in a collegial, collaborative environment with opportunities to grow within the firm and expand your business.