Why Us

Top Flight Counsel. Bottom Line Results. ®

Virtually all firms tell you what great lawyers they are, what amazing technology they use and how valuable their counsel is to your business. While we do think all that is true of our services, we know that platitudes and generalizations will not help you distinguish SmithAmundsen from competing firms. 

When considering whom to trust with your important legal matters it may be better to simply have insight into what we believe is important and how that impacts what we do for our clients. In lieu of the puffing and platitudes, we offer some simple promises: 

Our Promises to You

All of this can be boiled down to one simple philosophy that drives all of what we do – put the client first. There are many good lawyers in many firms.  There are far fewer lawyers and law firms where a culture and commitment of being client centered is truly paramount. We have been thankful to have earned the trust and confidence of a growing group of clients, to have developed a brand that is attracting great new legal talent to our firm and to have become trusted advisors to many business leaders.  We invite you to be among those who have made us their first and best choice when the services of legal counsel are required.


SmithAmundsen provides the quality legal services that our clients require to achieve their goals. Each of us strives to demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism in our relationships with the bench, the bar, and in business transactions. Our success is built upon this foundation of integrity, shared values, a commitment to exceeding client expectations, and the use of creative approaches to resolve client matters efficiently. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by our commitment to the professional development of our lawyers and staff.