Marcie Thorp Appointed to Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission

July 31, 2010


Effective July 31, 2010, Marcie Thorp has been appointed to the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission. As an acting member, Marcie will execute the powers and discharge the duties vested by law in the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission. Upon confirmation by the Senate, Marcie will become an official member of the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission.

The Commission consists of eight voting members and has the following duties and powers: (1) To establish the criteria and screening process to be used to determine which cases shall be accepted for review. (2) To conduct inquiries into claims of torture with priority to be given to those cases in which the convicted person is currently incarcerated solely for the crime to which he or she claims torture by Jon Burge or officers under his command, or both. (3) To coordinate the investigation of cases accepted for review. (4) To maintain records for all case investigations. (5) To prepare written reports outlining Commission investigations and recommendations to the trial court at the completion of each inquiry. (6) To apply for and accept any funds that may become available for the Commission's work from government grants, private gifts, donations, or bequests from any source.