Cyber Risk: The Cure May be Worse Than The Disease

October 31, 2017
David Asmus
Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) St. Louis



Breach.  Hacking. Risk.  Security.  Avoidance. And the list goes on and on in today’s cyberworld. The question for a business is no longer whether some form of cybersecurity is necessary but when (or how frequently) the company’s cyber risk and security policies must be updated.

In his article published by ACC St. Louis, David Asmus takes a brief look at the dynamic landscape of cyber risk today, who is affected, what avoidance measures companies undertake, how often such cyber security management policies are updated, and when all is said and done, what exactly are the actual, quantifiable, calculable damages that result from data breaches, hackings, and claims that a company failed to “do its duty” in protecting sensitive information from attackers. So, he asks, is the cure actually worse than the disease?

The standard “cure” is often millions of dollars in data protection measures. Yet, does this really protect the company and its customers from future risks?  Do any of these timely and cost-effective remedies and preventive efforts fix something that was apparently broken?

David provides answers in "Cyber Risk: The Cure May be Worse Than The Disease."

Read the full article "Cyber Risk:The Cure May be Worse Than The Disease" on the ACC St. Louis news page here.