How to Conduct Performance Evaluations

March 10, 2010


Giving criticism, even when it is constructive, is uncomfortable.  As a consequence, managers tend to "forget" to perform annual evaluations or engage in "little white lies" when they actually do evaluate the employees performance.  An unwarranted positive or even neutral performance evaluation is detrimental to an employer for both internal morale and an external defense to litigation.  When an employer glosses over problem areas, the employee has no motivation to correct the improper behavior and is shocked when they are later selected for termination.  This shock turns to anger which frequently results in the employee grasping for a reason for the termination, that could not possibly be their own performance, and this reason often results in the employer defending costly litigation that could have easily been prevented with regular accurate performance evaluations.

Presented by Julie Proscia, the first webinar in the Human Resources Series gave managers the tools needed to conduct an effective and cohesive performance evaluation while also teaching them how to develop a record of performance issues and avoid the costly "white lie" trap.