Transportation Law Alerts

Transportation Alert: Illinois Appellate Court Affirms Summary Judgment in Wrongful Death Case Against Freight Broker
In our recent Transportation alert, Sandra Cukierski and Lew Bricker discuss a recent Illinois Appellate Court decision in a wrongful death case.
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Transportation Alert: Illinois Continues to Acknowledge and Expand Third Party Logistics Liability
Lew Bricker and Sandra Cukierski discuss third party logistics liability in our latest transportation alert.
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Transportation Updates - April 2014
Read our latest transportation articles, written by Robert Boroff, Lew Bricker, and Maureen Frangopoulos.
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Lew Bricker and Christine Anto Author "State Anti-Indemnity Motor Transportation Statutes Overview"
Lew Bricker and Christine Anto discuss anti-indemnity statutes in their recent article. Almost eighty percent of states now have enacted anti-indemnity litigation with respect to transportation.
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Transportation Alert: Illinois Bans Hand-Held Devices Statewide
Lew Bricker and Rebecca Remington discuss Illinois' new ban on electronic communication devices.
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