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SmithAmundsen Health Care Alert: Good Samaritan Act & Code Blues
When the emergency room doctor responds to a Code Blue page at his hospital, is he entitled to immunity from a negligence claim under the Illinois Good Samaritan Act?
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SmithAmundsen Health Care Alert: Illinois Appellate Court Clarifies Types of Damages Available in Wrongful Pregnancy Cases
Illinois courts recognize three birth-related medical negligence tort claims: “wrongful birth,” “wrongful life,” and “wrongful pregnancy” or “wrongful conception.” The Illinois Appellate Court, First District, recently issued an opinion that explained the
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SmithAmundsen Health Care Alert: New Year Brings New Deadlines for Defendants in Settlement of Personal Injury and Tort Actions
Last year, the Illinois legislature passed a law concerning settlements. The law became effective January 01, 2014. The law imposes several deadlines on defendants who settle “a personal injury, property damage, wrongful death or tort action.”
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SmithAmundsen Health Care Alert: Health Care Team Prevails For Client in Medical Malpractice Trial
SmithAmundsen Health Care Team Successfully Defends Against Allegation of Apparent Agency on Behalf of Hospital in Medical Malpractice Trial
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SmithAmundsen Health Care Alert: Will Contract Law Continue to be the Standard to Govern the Fate of Stored Embryos?
In our most recent Health Care Alert, Rita Gitchell discusses in-vitro fertilization and the fate of stored embyros.
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