Construction Law Alerts

Construction Alert: Amendment to the Mechanics Lien Act
In February of 2014, Senate Bill 3023 was introduced, providing that any contractual agreement requiring a contractor or subcontractor to subordinate its mechanics lien rights was against public policy and unenforceable.
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Construction Alert: Illinois Legislation Proposes Removal of Tort Immunity Exception for Outside Safety Consultants
On February 14, 2014, Illinois Senator Kwame Raoul introduced Senate Bill 3287, which is proposed legislation seeking to remove an existing exception in the Workers' Compensation Act providing immunity to outside safety consultants and service providers fo
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Construction: Illinois Appellate Court Finds that Lack of Sworn Statement Defeats General Contractor's Mechanics Lien Claim
Matt Horn discusses a recent ruling by the First District Appelate Court of Illinois.
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Construction Alert: Illinois House Bill Proposes Only Allowing Mechanics Liens When There is a Written and Executed Contract
Matt Horn authors an alert on a new bill passed by the Illinois House affecting contractors.
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Construction Law Update: The Firearm Concealed Carry Act: Considerations in the Construction Context
Brian Konkel reviews and discusses the new policies that contractors need to be aware of in response to the recent concealed carry act.
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