Class Action Alerts

Direct Marketing: Cheap and Easy Advertising or Potential Litigation from Hell?
The unthinkable possibility of being on the hook for millions of dollars for what is, seemingly, a simple marketing call, text or fax has become a reality for many defendants in Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) cases.
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SmithAmundsen Class Action Alert - July 12, 2013
The SmithAmundsen Class Action Practice Group has been hard at work. Read about it in our most recent class action client alert.
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FLSA Case No Longer Justiciable When the Lone Plaintiff’s Individual Claim Becomes Moot
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Fair Labor Standards Act case is no longer justiciable when the lone plaintiff’s individual claim becomes moot.
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Eric Samore and Molly Arranz Win Order Directing Appellate Court to Hear Appeal to Class Certification Ruling
SmithAmundsen’s Class Action Practice Group obtained an order from the Illinois Supreme Court, which vacated the judgment of the Appellate Court denying the defendant's petition for leave, with direction that the court address the merits of the petition.
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Recent Seventh Circuit Decisions May Signal Heightened Scrutiny Under Adequacy Prong
SmithAmundsen's class action team recently secured a significant victory from the Seventh Circuit, raising the bar that plaintiff counsel must clear in order to satisfy the adequacy requirement for class certification.
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