Lateral Attorneys

SmithAmundsen was founded in 1997 with 52 lawyers. We opened with the motto, “Old friends in a new beginning.” That concept has carried on as we have grown to more than 150 attorneys and expanded the scope of the services we offer regionally and nationally. Our growth has been fast, and it has been multi-dimensional.

At SmithAmundsen, just being good is not good enough. Given the climate of today’s legal and business worlds, we demand that our attorneys continually improve their skills and value to clients. That commitment to positive change is why we have succeeded. Our attorneys take pride in what they do, and have a vested interest in surpassing our clients’ and our own highest expectations. We are not constrained by the finite rules and strict procedures that characterize many larger firms. Rather, we encourage and reward innovative thinking and problem-solving. Lawyers are supported in efforts to develop their practice consistent with their personal and professional interests and the strategic direction of the firm. As a firm and as individuals, we are constantly looking for a better way of doing business.

We recognize that balance is a good thing in life. The firm encourages attorneys to pursue their personal goals outside the practice of law. Our attorneys work hard, but are also supported in fulfilling their other important roles and interests in life. We understand that people have commitments and responsibilities that evolve. We respect the right of individuals to make good choices for themselves, personally and professionally, as their aspirations change.

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