SmithAmundsen is committed to utilizing technology to increase efficiency and best serve our client needs.  Our attorneys have seamless access to our network from any global location via Citrix and through the use of Blackberry smart phones.

In 2010, the firm converted to a Cisco VOIP telephone platform that integrates with many of the existing software tools our attorneys utilize.  Through the Cisco platform, we have created a virtual telephone network that allows attorneys to work from any location and remain connected to the firm’s telecommunications system.  Essentially, the virtual Cisco platform gives our attorneys the ability to communicate with their peers and clients as if they are working from one of our physical locations.  Additionally, SmithAmundsen provides leading-edge mobility services that work independent from the Cisco system.  These technologies allow our attorneys to seamlessly connect at any hour, while reducing travel time and increasing accessibility to our clients.

Business Continuity
The firm has also invested in leading edge IT infrastructure tools for our attorneys and staff.  This ensures high-availability of all business critical applications, and meets our goal of a ‘zero’ business continuity interruption policy.  SmithAmundsen has a disaster recovery co-location providing real-time backup services for our firm's electronic data, and establishing the highest level of security to protect our client information.

Legal Research
SmithAmundsen utilizes both Westlaw and Lexis online services for leading edge legal research and case management tools for our attorneys.  From Westlaw, this includes LiveNote, a real-time deposition management application and Case Notebook, a case management tool that tracks key facts and data pertaining to a specific case or trial.  We also utilize Lexis' legal research databases that include global news sources, as well as Total Litigator, a streamlined workflow tool that assists attorneys from the earliest stages of case assessment through discovery.  All of these products allow our attorneys to work efficiently while managing client costs.

For more information on our technology services, please contact our Director of Information Technology, Tim Spaeth.

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